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Useful digitial marketing tools for your online business: A talk delivered at ESTAM University

  • Social Media Marketing
    • Buffer - For social media post scheduling
    • Quuu - For automating your social media post
  • Content Marketing
    • Canva - For creating social media post, logos, videos, slides and other custom designs
    • Figma - On a high level, Figma helps you create designs of websites, logo, illustration and other products
    • Copy - Generate marketing copy in seconds
  • SEO/Analytics
    • Google Trend - Get trending keywords that you what your website to rank for
    • Ubersuggest - For analyzing and optimizing website traffic
    • Google Adsense - For monitizing your website website/blog with ads from Google
    • Ahrefs - Alternative to Ubersuggest (More powerful)
    • Google Analytics - For tracking, analyzing and optimizing website traffic
  • Ads Manager
  • Email Marketing
    • MailChimp - For creating forms, managing emails, creating newsletters, marketing campagins and more
  • Job Search
    • Linkedin - For creating your online CV/Resume and job search
    • Upwork - Helps you get freelance gigs
    • Fiverr - Alternative to Upwork
  • Communication/Collaboration Tools
    • Linkedin - Easy online video conferencing app
    • Google Meet - Alternative to Zoom, if you love Google Products
    • Miro - Online whiteboard platform that helps you co-create and bring meetings to life
    • Notion - Notion is a single space where you can think, write, and plan
  • Customer Support
    • Crisp - For rendering customer support to your users and tracking users' activities
    • Tawk - Alternative to Crisp
  • Web Design/E-commerce/Blog
    • Bumpa - For creating an online store
    • Botamp - For creating simple website and blog without code
    • WordPress - For building any kind of website/blog without code
    • Grammarly - For writing good articles in English (Corrects your spelling, sentense...)
    • Hashtagify - For determining the trending hashtags on social media
    • Unbounce - Helps you create simple landing pages that helps you to convert leads
    • Medium - A good platform for writing and sharing your articles
  • Free Online Courses on Digital Marketing

  • Want to get the slide? (PDF)

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